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  • Anna Aronson

    Medical Esthetician / Massage Therapist
    I have come to the holistic wellness profession by way of fashion design, boutique and retail expertise and then medical Aesthetician Bodywork study and certifications. I was a  Fashion Designer for 10 years and worked with upscale operations like the Bergdorf Goodman family (Neiman Marcus), Henry Bendel, Donna Karen and specialty stores in France, Japan, and the United States.

    Later, while owning a personal care boutique I managed top-line skin care lines, perfumes, candles and gifts. Seeking to advance my skin care and bodywork specialties. I became a certified licensed medical aesthetician, massage therapist and nutritionist. I have worked in the spa culture and newly emerging wellness industry for over 5 years. All the modalities I offer are based in my dedication to holistic wellness.

    My spa and private clientele have included entertainment and film industry professionals. along with a wide range of people from different cultures and lifestyles & have all "feel like a Star"
    Established in 2012.After working for 5 years in the spa culture in high-end Hotel Spas (W Hotel, Fairmont Hotel Spa, Med Spa, Boutique Spas) And having the passion to make her clients look and feel great, Anna  started Cinema Wellness to be a one-stop Skin - Body place for your whole body needs.