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    Autumn Winters Rescue  

    Refresh - Revitalize - Relax


    Step Into An Awakening Herbal Steam Body Polish With The Essence Of Lavender Or Lemon Grass Fresh Awakening Skin Glow 

    Skin Glow 60 Min          

    Customized Therapeutic Massage With Aromatherapy to Awaken Your Senses

    • Lemon Grass - Lavender or Eucaliptus Hot Stones
    • To Ease & Melt While Skin Is Nourish With Hot Oils.
    • A Scalp Massage To Enhance Blood Circulation And Boost Hair Follicle's Grow.
    • Concludes With Stretch Therapy To Release Muscular Tension, Enhance Body's Life Force Energy
    Hands &  Elbows Repair 
    Restore Damaged Or Aging Skin

    Immerse Into A Tailor Autumn's Rescue Facial 
    • Tripple LIpid Restore & Tightening Purifying Cleanser Decongest Pores
    • Hydra B5 Mask Hydro microderm / Oxgen Fusion
    • Triple C E  Lymphatic Massage
    • Even Tone Firmer Brighter Skin 
    • Dazzling Dive Package 
    Specials May Not Be Combined Or Use With 
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    Act Now! Offer Ends: 12/15/2020